Dr Eka Martiningsih's workshop with Regional Master Class 15-02-2019
Dr Eka Martiningsih's Workshop with Regional Master Class 15 February 2019
Biosecurity workshop with Core Partner UNDANA Kupang
Biosecurity Workshop with Core Partner UNDANA Kupang
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Our Vission

Contributes to stronger food security and sovereignty through enhanced plant, animal and human biosecurity systems for Indonesia.


The IBF coordinates and prioritises research and development so that biosecurity concerned bodies can attract and deploy funding for targeted capacity building and research activities that strengthens food security and sovereignty.

Get Involved

IBF seeks investors to partner in biosecurity activities with bodies such as: Goverment and semi-goverment agencies, Non-Govermental Organisation, Corporate Social Responsibility Funds, Development funds such as the Asian Development Bank, and Industries in the private sector.

The Indonesian Biosecurity Foundation

The purpose of the IBF is to identify, prioritise and coordinate research and development for plant, animal and human biosecurity in Indonesia. Evidence-based research and capacity building activities could in turn assist public and private sector policy and regulation.

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